This Course is also comprised of a single part: Theory

Theory: A history of Paediatric Phlebotomy or Venepuncture technique will be followed by related Anatomy of the Veins we most commonly use for the techniques. Different techniques of venepuncture on children based on their age group will be discussed. All aspects of health and safety will be covered and you will learn techniques by which you can maximise the chances of obtaining a good blood sample with the first attempt of bleeding.

Hand washing techniques and provisions and precautions against needle stick injuries will be thoroughly taught.

A thorough discussion on the challanges of Paediatric Blood draw will be held at the training. The role of parents in comforting their children and the kind of professionalism that is expected from you will be covered in deatils.

Correct application of torniquets and pressure in qualifying difficult veins for venepuncture will be passed onto you during this course. you will learn how to handle patients who could be fearful or have needle phobia.

You will learn the techniques of Vaccutainers and syringes and become familiar with the Order of draw.

Providing that you already posses a certificate of competency and have at least one year experience in phlebotomy, we will award you with a certificate of Competency in Paediatric Phlebotomy..