This Course will be delivered in two parts: Theory and Practical.

Theory: An introduction about Stem cells, their origin, sources and their use in Medicine will be discussed. This will be followed by discussion about the Anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system. We will be highlighting the role of stem cells in treatment of certain disorders and diseases and how we can maximise their collection from cord and placenta using techniques specific to the course.

Apart from teaching techniques in procuring stem cells, we will take you through the best ways of confronting difficult situations where a collection fails or when exsistance of certain risks affect your collection in one way or another.

Bedside manner as well as telephone etiquette will be the kind of skills you are expected to master for this role.

Finally, we will cover the legal aspects of cord blood collections in the UK and will discuss the legislations governing this profession.

Following completion of this lecture, a short assessment will be given to all applicants. you will need a pass with at least 75% to be able to go to the next level i.e. practical training.

Practical training or shadowing will involve attending hospitals or birth centres and observing a qualified cord blood phlebotomist in action. you will be given an opportunity to procure cord blood under supervision. once the instructing phlebotomist is satisfied with your performance, he or she will sign you off and give you a letter of approval.

Following the completion of this part of training, we will award you a Certificate of Competence in Cord Blood Phlebotomy.